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6/11 Cyclosportif "Thinks Environment!"

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Cyclosportif "Thinks Environment!"

The activities of "Cycling for All" have developed considerably over the past ten years, and Cyclosport has become a truly international sporting discipline. Nearly 400 events are organized each year in Europe, involving nearly 300,000 participants, and these activities
directly generate a total budget of approximately 6-million euros.

These well-structured events, some involving over 10,000 participants, are held in abundant, fragile or protected natural areas. Today we see a general awakening to the need to respect our surrounding environment, and cycling sports must set an example for the world's cyclists and for future generations.

In this context, on the initiative of the AEC (Association Européenne de Cyclosport), the ECOFLAG will fly in June 2007 at three of the most important "Cycling for All" European events. The events are:

- L'ARDECHOISE. 14000 cyclists will take part in this 3-day event around Saint Felicien, Ardeche. France.
- LA QUEBRANTAHUESOS, Sabinanigo, Huesca, Spain. 8500 cyclists will compete on 200-kms in the Spanish Pyrenees.
- L'ARIEGEOISE. Tarascon/Ariege. Ariege. France. Over 4000 cyclists will come together in the green French Pyrenean mountains.

The three events will also be the start line of the European "BIKE PATROLS", whose mission will be to provide support, safety and encourage 'respect for the environment' among riders.


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